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2018 BPM Partners Vendor Landscape Matrix

Each year BPM Partners releases its Business Performance Management (BPM) vendor landscape report. According to the firm, the purpose of the report is to “provide a point-in-time snapshot of all the core players, their status in the market, and the focus of their offerings.” This year’s report found “cloud momentum picked up with the vast majority of vendors seeing their cloud version account for the bulk of their sales.” The report also states that the “focus on the customer has not let up with vendors making their products easier to use, ramping up support, and constantly measuring customer satisfaction.”

Two of our partners, Adaptive Insights and IBM, were among the 18 vendors covered this year. The other vendors were: Anaplan, Axiom Software, BOARD International, CCH Tagetik, Centage, deFacto Global, Host Analytics, Jedox, Longview, OneStream Software, Oracle, prevero, Prophix, SAP, Vena Solutions, and XLerant.

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